♫♪  Hi-AF-YO - Pump Caliber (Scientists​-​Finally​-​Prove​-​That​-​Dolphins​-​Speak​-​to​-​Each​-​Other​-​And​-​Whistle​-​Just​-​For​-​Fun)

This new Hi-AF-YO tape is pure thrift store sore nosebleed dance hits dripping blood onto your corndog and shoes that you keep in their original box until it’s time to wear them. It’s hidden levels unlocked. It’s talking with gum in your mouth. It’s the Weather Channel on a loop in the background. It’s painted murals as you sit down and untie your skates. Spring into summer. Afternoons.

Pump Caliber (Scientists​-​Finally​-​Prove​-​That​-​Dolphins​-​Speak​-​to​-​Each​-​Other​-​And​-​Whistle​-​Just​-​For​-​Fun) is available for digital grips via power_lunch corporation. Physical copies can be picked up directly from Hi-AF-YO.

Have a good summer!!! XOXO

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