High Counsel
High Counsel [album stream/download]

While it’s still hot out (don’t know about you guys, but where I am, it is INCREDIBLY hot), it might behoove you fine readers to get hip to this amazing EP by Salt Lake City-bred, currently Berlin-based producer Jordan Badger now, as these 10 tracks are hereby dubbed “Strauss’ official summa jamz.” That’s high honors, kittens. World rhythms — nay — universe rhythms, pleasant major keys, bubbly optimism, lots of marimba (*mwuah!*), and, of course, what would High Counsel be without that vocoder? Not much, I’d wager. It just adds the exact right flavor to what the music is about, sweetening things up tenfold as the voice is cut and pasted into perfectly patch-worked melodies.

While I’m sure this’ll sound just as great come September, the timing really is quite right this very instant. So crack that clicking-finger’s knuckle and dig:

• High Counsel: http://highcounsel.bandcamp.com

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