♫♪  Hit-Boy - “T.U.” (feat. Audio Push, Problem, Hit-Boy, & Juicy J)

Hit-Boy’s latest track is further proof that the California producer/rapper is incapable of unleashing anything less than Sarlacc-sized earworms. Then again, seeing as how this is the dude behind “Niggas in Paris,” “Goldie,” and “Backstreet Freestyle,” you wouldn’t expect anything less. At first, with its barebone beat and four-note groove, “T.U.” sounds like the cockier cousin of an artifact from the days of snap music (Side note: What are D4L doing with their lives now? Did “Laffy Taffy” ever get them any royalties from Willy Wonka?). But, as usual, Hit-Boy refreshes the model: occasional bursts of brass liven up the minimal landscape, eventually overshadowed by the frightening, blood-curdling screams that comprise the central hook. Guests Audio Push, Problem, and Juicy J all show up to pay their respects to Bacchus, epitomized in a dope(y) refrain (“I’m fuck as drunk/ Wait, I’m drunk as fuck”) that will soon, inevitably, be heard in frat parties across the country. It may not have the goofy grandeur of his greatest hits, but with its array of featured guests and quirky samples, “T.U.” manages to impress nonetheless.

• Hit-Boy: http://houseofhit.com

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