♫♪  HKE - SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy

First: I’d rather link the MMJ guide than continue using what I wrote about the first three 777 releases, like..

Second: The fourth installment of HKE’s series is on Antifur entitled, SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy.

Third: There’ve been a plethora of cultural reappropriations throughout the entire 777 series thus far, and it’s a beautiful blend of pure dance and world music.

Fourth: “Anxiety” is HKE’s most Fifth Element track to date.

Fifth: When people feel themselves it’s funny because eventually see -like- half the people around them are homeless or live in a box.

Sixth: How many hits can this post get? [Counter: ##?]

Seventh: I love how ironic it is that SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy is Antifur’s seventh cassette to be released.

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