♫♪  hmurd - Boycott Ethical Consumption

London’s hmurd presents some fresh feeling, avant-twinged techno to start off TT 2019’s roster. Three super crunchy tracks, crisp and invigorating, like vegetables. And, like those, these are really good for you. Each explores non-systemic rhythm sets that tease with varying levels of accessibility and abstraction. I would enjoy being on the dance floor to all of them, though, especially to be a part of a crowd rising into euphoria with the huge chimes that clang in near the middle of “Shepard’s Delight.”

In the subway station the other day an artist had put up 200 or so line drawings, each 6x8” in size. Different abstract line works and shapes all balanced by an invisible grid. We discussed his drawings and he asked me which one struck me the most. They all did, but in front of me at that moment there was one of two bent cylinders rising from a horizon line and poised to twist together. He said, “They’re dancing.” He said, “If you want to stave of stress you have to move, keep moving your body.” His pictures were not for sale. I’m flailing around to hmurd and heeding his word.

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