♫♪  Hobo Cubes - “Next Level Guidance”

Tagged “Psych-kraut” by Montreal analog apostle Francesco Ouellette, this synth anthem does what a lot of spacey instrumentals don’t: it moves, and it moves fast! With an urgent drum machine beat, wailing non-wanky keyboard licks, and boiling-hot electronic tones coming from all directions, it creates conflict, tension. It probably helped that I first listened to the Center 4 Mentalists tape — from fresh Chicago label Goldtimers — while I was driving very fast in my car. The titles may have a new age infomercial vibe, but this is not late-night, half-dead insomnia music. It’s dance music for the reanimated. The liner notes threaten that this is the “2nd and final” edition, and it is sold out at the label. But you can download it from the Hobo Cubes Bandcamp for a few bucks.

• Hobo Cubes: http://hobocubes.bandcamp.com
• Goldtimers: http://www.goldtimerstapes.com

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