Holly Herndon

Musician, modernist, and machinist Holly Herndon has taken to SoundCloud to release a near-48-minute track called “CAR.” In line with the song’s title, Herndon composed the music for “automobile listening,” specifically for her Toyota Matrix. It’s seemingly detached from the usual signifiers you’d want/expect out of “car music” — it’s mostly atonal, and any rhythms are unintentional — but while it might not make the commute feel any shorter, it may very well increase your perceptual awareness, its sine sweeps and pulsating noise blocks blending into the surrounding sounds such that you’re moving not through space, but through the vibrations of sound itself. Take a listen:

In other news, Herndon is about to drop one of my favorite albums of the year next week. It’s titled Movement, and it’s absolutely stunning. Pre-order now via RVNG Intl.

• Holly Herndon: http://hollyherndon.tumblr.com
• RVNG Intl.: http://www.igetrvng.com

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