♫♪  Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst - “Recruit”

It’s been only two months into 2015 and there are already some intriguing and exciting clashes between the worlds of Music and Fashion. First, Arca presented his original soundtrack for the fall/winter 2015 Hood By Air fashion show, now musician Holly Herndon and visual artist Mat Dryhurst recorded their collaboration “Recruit” for the presentation of a new collection by the London based clothing brand Cottweiler. Described on the RVNG Intl. page as “a transition between environments”, the piece is a heavy slab of musique concrète soaking with futurism, radical snippets of mangled sound drown in explosions of deconstructed, cavernous IDM in the state of decay. The Machine speaks, and the word’s arent’ pretty. But they’re definitely magnetic.

• Holly Herndon: http://www.hollyherndon.com
• Mat Dryhurst: http://www.mathewdryhurst.com

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