Sometimes a mix comes along, and everything seems to level a bit. Case and point: “COMES TO MIND MIX” by HOMIELIST. Don’t know who HOMIELIST is, but I gots to say I do like where her/his/their head/s is/are at/in/beyond. The choicest of beats are squeezed out on “COMES TO MIND MIX”. And me likey. A LOT.

And here’s an upclose exclusive for you: I talked to the wise/benevolent/cozy Lord last night, and she/he/they spoketh unto me the virtue of a deep two-hour sesh with “COMES TO MIND MIX”; that of the healing power of this restoring mix. Praise be to HOMIELIST. And the most highest of praises unto “COMES TO MIND MIX”. Amen, boogie-daddy/mommy/lizard-cousin. Amen.

Oh, and to clear up the gobbledygook from up above, more than likely this is a mix EL SERENO RECORDS put together old their “homies” music. EL SERENO also just released another beat-tape from C DOG, so bend an ear to that too. Looks like a busy listening night.

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