♫♪  Host - “Time Smoking a Picture”


The Morris worm is a string of network failures and service inhibitions, a line through digital time that leaves a definite trail but leaves no visible connections between its segments. It can cripple an entire network through its girth and greed for bandwidth, simultaneously thousands of miles long, looping back and forth as if along intestines, but invisible to the naked eye. The Morris worm represents an attack time by tangling time strings in its coils, disrupting the steady flow of particles between equilibriums. Time smoke and can’t be broken, shaped, or contained, but it can be blown and slowed, it can weave, duck, and roll. The title for Host’s latest work,

Time Smoking a Picture, the newest LP by Host, can be pre-ordered from his website, as well as from the Aloe webstore. In anticipation of the album, Host has also released “extended, mutated versions of tracks from the next album” called Selected Works, which is available on the usual host of streaming platforms.

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