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“Watermelon” feat. Open Mike Eagle

A couple months back, I had the privilege of seeing Open Mike Eagle headline a show at Hell Gate Social that also featured Armand Hammer on the bill. As it was one of those gigs where the audience shares the stage with the artists, I was able to stand front and center while Mike performed and — during one lull between songs — say at regular speaking volume: “Free thinkers,” referring to “5ree Thinkers” off the Rent Party Extension EP.

Mike replied, “That sounds like a request,” and kindly obliged. After the song was finished, I said thanks, to which he said, “Thank you, it was a good request.”

The point of this cool-story-bro is this: OME is a good guy, and “5ree Thinkers,” an incredible little ditty that includes the undeniable lines, “Weightless as the keys on the Casio/ All the secrets in the world were explained in that Dinosaurs episode called ‘The War on Pistachios” is easily my favorite song of his. It was also his only Hot Sugar-produced jam… until a few days ago, that is!

Streaming below, the two’s new collaboration “Watermelon” hit the net 10/1 as 1/10 of Hot Sugar’s Man Made EP. This tune includes the lines “Make P.E. instructors show the figure four/ and English professors teach Cappa’s verse on ‘Winter Warz” — further evidence that Hot Sugar’s beats bring out OME’s best in terms of philosophical breakthroughs delivered via obscure cultural references. Basically, the world needs these two to do an album together.

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