♫♪  Hotel - “Pressure”


“I can feel the tension in the room, boy / look at what the pressure doing to him”

Don’t let the competition get to you. Every day, different block, catching glances that look right below you, through you, anywhere but meeting you. You are not safe. You are not the sum of the parts in your city, the ones which continually let you down. A divided country weighs hard on personal struggles. There’s no high like having a team who will push the car when you run out of gas, but there’s no low like the realization that not every member will shoulder every mile.

“I’m the shit you ain’t heard yet”

Fans come, fans go; love comes, love goes; money comes, money goes. Everything electric you post on the internet remains forever, but everything plastic you throw in a landfill stays remains forever too. What is forever to 72 years? Will we check back in on this moment in 178? Just to see how we’re doing? How’s the play count? How far have we come?

“Good things come to those who stay true”

Hotel is Cameron David. Not much has been revealed about who he is or where he gets his beats (previous efforts to post songs have been thwarted when the songs mysteriously disappear), but he gives off the air of that kid you knew who wore the freshest sneakers while everyone was on their Heely’s and had tape recordings of all the best Toonami. He was probably born in the mid-nineties, because his style takes the early 90s to line at the mall for the Yeezy 750s. Just know if he drops an album on VHS my head will be in the dumpster behind my grandparent’s place trying to remember what one of those looks like.

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