♫♪  Housefire - “Side A”

Dope but short-lived tape label, LMGROVLLUM closed its virtual doors last year in a sad dance floor tape hiss swan-song finish, but misunderstood by many as the opening of an ice cold Coors Light can. That sad hiss took root in four equally rad subsidiaries: LACK, Sagan Youth Boys Sound System, VVAQRT, and GROVL. The latter being the tape label extension of LMGROVLLUM, which is an incredibly easier name to tell friends about.

So go tell them about GROVL’s latest tape, Housefire’s Ecstasy Of…. It’s Asheville resident Luciann Waldrup’s best dig to date! It works a club-friendly techno track to a low-frequency transcendental headspace, dancing longingly around you the whole time.

So go grab the tape off GROVL right now, and know everything is alright.

• Housefire: https://soundcloud.com/luciann-waldrup
• GROVL: http://lmgrovllum.org/grovl

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