Secret Songs of Savamala

July 12, 2012 marked the final BBC broadcast from Bush House in London. The corporation’s departure left a distinct mark on the site after a 60-year history in recording radio productions that were dispatched all around the globe.

As an investigative sound art project, recording artist, DJ, and hardened adventurer Robin The Fog explored the empty nooks and crannies of the building to create what Simon Reynolds went on to describe as “the ultimate hauntological artifact.” The Ghosts of Bush was indeed sublime and seems to have ignited a spark in the man responsible for its wondrous tones, as he recently traveled to Serbia in order to conduct a similar series of sonic experiments in The Spanish House, Belgrade.

The former customs house is now a flooded, crumbling echo chamber, which — in its current state — created the perfect environment for Robin and his team to assemble a truly dazzling followup to his debut as Howlround.

Secret Songs of Savamala is available to stream and download on the artist’s Bandcamp alongside a strictly limited-edition vinyl featuring gorgeous artwork by Milica Nikolic.

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• КАМЕНЗИНД Belgrade :

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