♫♪  Hubert Zemler - groove 8

This time on outlines, Hubert Zemler drops groove 8 (it’s so easy to keep track of outlines’ catalog!), a rhythmically dense release that’s as intricate as it is accessible. The Warsaw-based composer and the Wrocław-based label collide in an all-Poland mashup of concentrated footwork virtuosity, a beautiful head trip showcasing the veteran producer’s talent for slipping and sliding all along the electronic spectrum. He speeds bullet-train-like across side A’s “groove 8.1” while pulling back and indulging in concentrated polyrhythmic layers on “groove 8.2.”

Also, famed Polish sci-fi author Stanisław Lem even gets in on the action with a spoken sample in “groove 8.1.” I JUST read Solaris this year — what are the odds? It’s fantastic stuff, so here are some movie gifs while you listen to the Bandcamp embed below.

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