“The Dunning”

Dunno whose mens’ these are, but HUNGRY BODIES be starving, yo. Very stoked “The Dunning” ain’t no dad noise/moan bullshit, or cloud-rap twiddling-dinks skittle out@, or vaporwave critique project entirely written in Korean and Japanese. This is a HOSS Records is classic for regarding deep drivers on the works.

“The Dunning” is the lip-drool you woke up in. Like, this drool attached itself from lip to chin with you an hour on the subway, throughout meetings and face-time chats, lunch, and now dabbing your mouth from drinking water. It’s a hangover that’s as drunk at the stroke of 5AM staggering as the moment someone asks for a dollar and you’ve no more dollar.

THE INNKEEPER will keep company on HOSS soon enough. For now, HUNGRY BODIES strike a pose or two in “The Dunning.”

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