♫♪  Hunting Rituals - Brooding Forest (album preview)

It’s Monday. I am all puffy-eyed and groggy, and I want to listen to something that will make me feel as far away as possible from this office desk. How about some grating outsider noise from Canada, released on Mr. T. Moore’s unpredictable Ecstatic Peace label? I have never heard a more appropriately titled piece of music than Brooding Forest. This literally sounds like field recordings from deep inside some dark labyrinth of poisonous trees on the edge of the gateway to the world of the Old Gods, swarming with foot-long mosquitoes and deadly rabid beasts howling out for flesh. But not in a goth way, more like the kind of place Wernor Herzog was talking about. Now I am frightened and will turn on the extra fluorescent lights next to my desk. Actually, this piece was recorded by Scott Johnson (Thoughts On Air) and Jeremiah Buchan (Bottom Feeder, Fossils) in the basement under Sonic Unyon Records. You can pick up your copy from Experimedia.

• Hunting Rituals: http://www.myspace.com/huntingrituals
• Ecstatic Peace: http://www.ecstaticpeace.com

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