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Richard Dumas: The Mixtape

NBA Hall of Fame power forward Charles Barkley, a.k.a the Round Mound of Rebound, once said of former Phoenix Suns teammate Richard Dumas, “He’s probably the most talented player I ever played with, but he had those demons with the drugs.” While Richard Dumas might not have fared so well in life, he makes for a great mixtape.

Richard Dumas: The Mixtape by Hus Kingpin features the Hempstead-bred, NYC-based rapper continuing to show off his refined beat palate, with choice contributions from Arch Druids, Knxwledge and Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers, among others. And while reading about Richard Dumas: The Person made me think of the generic “Not working up to potential” line that always found its way to the comments fields of my Scantron report card, Hus Kingpin shows no signs of fourth-quarter fatigue or under-performance on Richard Dumas: The Mixtape, despite the cover’s white mountain. His noirish lyrics continue to go every bit as hard as the beats over which they’re delivered.

Stream Richard Dumas: The Mixtape below, download it for $1 from the Digi Crates Bandcamp, or cop the CD for only $5 from Kunaki.

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