How can the sexuality of the entire planet be magnified — how could it be “boosted” to emancipate the classical demon-ritual from its dialectical slumber — how could the bullshittery of the dianetical “engram” be forgiven, released, and harnessed into a mental orgiastic rite that proclaims total freedom for the body? How could HVAD rekindle the “flame of desire” into a fluidity of identity that gives us our transparency back, that gives us a proper reunion with the impermanency of our actual world? It would take an exploding sun, slowed down to give ample time for realization, for the human race to discover its phenotype as innately inter-sexed — it would take a super flood for human beings to realize they had the right to “choose” all along.

OR, it would take one night with HVAD’s new mix. The Danish DJ/Producer’s brand of ascension music follows Lotic’s Damsel in Distress as part-two in the label’s epic new sexual-semio-text, penned by nouveau dynamos feeling it. It’s a perfect extension in the Janus mythos. Essentially, the mix busts open any idle, stoic skull on the gallery floor — revealing a sparkly, metallic fluid that naturally separates to take the form of valuable, shiny spheres. I recommend wearing these mind-orbs like pearls to symbolize your new sense of embodied ecstasy as a result of HVAD, as a result of the realization that the sun will explode in all possible (near or far) futures.

Enjoy here:

• HVAD: https://soundcloud.com/kishore-dj-hvad
• Janus: https://soundcloud.com/janusberlin

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