The future: coral is bleached into extinction, due to acidification in the hot pot. No frogs in the trees; no trees at all. Most species are shadows, entries in encyclopedias; our pals (cockroaches, bacteria, rats) go where we go. We move as one. The air is toxic; one puff of the stuff and we puff up with malignant tumors. The factories sell their privatized air and water at premium prices, ending class warfare. The survivors supplement the H2O + O2 diet with electricity and pill powder. They go to museums to check out the natural world. In one exhibit, they get the chance to swim in a colorful, virtual coral reef. For some of their offspring, its their first exposure to color. While the survivors, or tourists, splash around, Jon Burkhart’s (Hylidae) “Coral” enhances the experience, with its gorgeous mod synth / guitar harmonics and its temperate tempo. As they dive deeper, past colonies of “surreal” coral, one tourist declares, “Oh, isn’t this lovely!”

• Hylidae: https://soundcloud.com/hylidaefamily

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