♫♪  I am just a Pupil - CRYSTAL PAIN

Stranded on an island without a raft, I am just a Pupil messaged out CRYSTAL PAIN in a Fiji bottle that eventually landed on Illuminated Paths’ coastline. After setting and forgetting the damp USB in some dry rice, the contents were extracted, then dubbed to tape to be distributed out into the world. Contagious movement, for sure.

The whole tape feels like when the camera softly centers at the end of a movie and then abruptly cuts off, and there isn’t any sound inside the theatre besides your own soft breathing or the person in front of you trying to quietly set their drink down, and when the credits finally do scroll across the screen, you look around the newly re-lit room and say with your eyes, “I wish I would have seen this alone.”

See for yourself, below:

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