♫♪  Images - “Where Are You Now”

Look, “Apocalypse 2012” is because everyone is over wanting to fuck each other, so we’re looking for something to fuck Earth. Personally, I believe the “apocalypse” will arrive when every spin in one episode of Wheel of Fortune lands on “bankrupt.” The show cheats, but the day post-Merv producers find out the end of the world is nigh, they’ll stop rigging the wheel for advertisements. And Sajak will sweat his wig hair away.

Aside from fictional mental anguish, but in comparison: SOPA will lose. “Where You Are Now,” SOPA is in a BP oil spill media frenzy. SOPA will pass when it sucks Wikipedia’s brains IRL over “live” television. For now, I’ll stick with bands like Images, struggling to hook tunes recorded through a faded atmosphere, giving me a greedy feeling. But not until January 31, when their Know What I Mean album is released on AMDISCS and Last Nights Records. #censorthisSOPA

• Images: http://images.bandcamp.com
• Last Nights Records: http://lastnightsrecords.blogspot.com
• AMDISCS: http://www.amdiscs.com

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