♫♪  Inexorum - “Let Pain Be Your Guide”

A project of the dynamic and prolific musician Carl Skildum, Inexorum harkens back to the mid-to-late 90s, when melodic black metal bands proliferated in Sweden. A magnetic guitar riff/tom roll acts as the flint for this incendiary track, before the blast beat kicks in with full force. Like a Thoroughbred blasting out of the starting gate, this song is off to the races. Above the tenacious and precise percussion, strident guitar leads battle for control across the right and left channels, providing an anchor as the song progresses. These shrill leads are like tendrils that will wrap themselves around the limbic system within your brain. Skildum showcases not just his song-writing acumen, but also his insight with regard to song production and mixing. Rhythm and melody achieve equilibrium, while also providing space for vocals. His gravelly voice captivates, occupying the space between a scream and a growl in discordant bliss.

A thrashy interlude furnishes a respite from the steamrolling drums, giving way to a flourish of high-pitched vocals that double the aforementioned guitar riffs in a hail of malevolent melodies. Like the swell of a wave in a storm on the sea, the rush goes from your stomach to your knees. When the song has finished, you immediately hit play again. Let Inexorum be your guide to ear-piercing tremolos, well-executed tempo changes, and the beauty of pain.

Lore of the Lakes is out on 7/27/18 via Gilead Media.

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