♫♪  Infernal Demon Keito - Facechain

Your existence isn’t of here anymore. Please exit by using the static screen in the corner.

This will be your placebo afterlife until reassignment. It’s not purgatory. Our universe looks like an overwhelmingly snowy night in the country. Any country. This country:

When you find yourself traveling for ages. Nothing seems to fit anymore. All backward matter is less leg exhaustion than you think. Rendering neutral is a lump on the ground, akin to a long, when you see your foe standing across the world staring at you through the blizzard.

The run toward each other takes centuries. A Facechain waiting to happen. Like the myth where INFERNAL DEMON KEITO (a.k.a. Chesumasuta) rips its way from inside your body. More to be discovered from the vaults of TKX:

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