♫♪  Infinite Body - Avolition (Album Preview)

Ring the cathedral bells. Kyle Parker returns with another Infinite Body opus. His music glistens, swells, and washes out impurities. No volume knob can spin enough. The face of our god, long since carved out, is smiling beatifically.

If the “drone” idiom has grown somewhat stale, diluted by a continuing cavalcade of side-long structureless jams and static tonal exercises, Parker continues to sharpen his hyper-hi-fi strain of hypnosis into a holy lance aimed straight at our breastplates.

The ten minute preview of his forthcoming Avolition LP (due August on Isounderscore) showcases a series of sublime zones for our drifting pleasure. Ever-ascending upper register synthlines surge out of a wall of low end. Chopped lead vocalizations trace and retrace their mantras. One thick organ chord hits and sustains without end. We follow Parker into his gleaming abyss.

• Infinite Body: https://infinitebody.bandcamp.com
• Isounderscore: http://www.isounderscore.com

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