♫♪  Infinity Dance Complex - These Rules

It’s that special, frosty time of year when suddenly my urge to go out and do things on the weekend completely evaporates, and all I can muster anymore on a Friday night is staying in, playing Smash, and catching up on all the great music that came out over the past 12 months. But just because it’s December doesn’t mean we’re done finding new gems yet; just take These Rules, the lovely new album from Infinity Dance Complex. The project of Matthew Anderegg from Philly post-punk squad Mothers, These Rules flirts with icy pop moves laden with Casio-lite beats and bouncy synth lines, wearing accessibility like a charm until you realize that suddenly Anderegg’s dropped us into a deliriously chopped up sample stew. Infinity Dance Complex pulls all their disparate sounds off with a breezy sense of calm, serving up a cozy medley of upbeat indoor pop as peculiar as it is delightful.

These Rules comes courtesy of Nino Tomorrow (the label side project of Palm guitarist Kasra Kurt), and you can pick up a tape or digital copy right here! Check it out below, and if you’re going outside, make sure to bring a sweater:

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