Infinity Frequencies

Only in your mind can you control what you see. It’s not what’s right in front of you, but all-around on the inside. Feel the frisk of mental stimulation. Harness yourself upon the mind’s Shrines. Reach the maximum destination in thought and keep yourself there, setting the plateau. Find what inner peace calms your thoughts. Bring about the library of past and present to dictate your future, and become what you’ve always wished. It’s all right inside you. Right now. Submit your thought to what has always made you. Believe in the ability to become. Access what is right, and free your body within. Implode upon yourself and enjoy the scenery. Paisleys are my favorite shape, no? Seasonally season your seasons. It’s always the right climate. So hack some Shines today, and ride the Infinity Frequencies into a purely personal paradise.

Infinity Frequencies is performing at AMDISC’s live streaming event, SOFT FREQUENCY Vol. 1, tonight.

• Infinity Frequencies:

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