♫♪  copeland - “Fit”

When we got word earlier this month that Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland were, well, no longer associated with one another as a subordinate, subsidiary, or member, it was pretty clear that Dean would be ploughing along as usual, but Inga’s future felt less certain. She did release a fantastic mixtape already this year, but there’s been zero activity in the many months surrounding it, and anyway, what are you supposed to do when you can’t use the “cplnd” SoundCloud anymore?

You make a “copeland” YouTube channel, of course! Yep, Inga’s gone and filled in the missing vowels to pave the road to a brand-new track. “Fit” floats through the brain with light, chattering percussion and super-soft buried vocals, unlike her front-and-center presence on Higher Powers. And just as the track signs off, it returns in a little dessert bowl of dubby gelatin. Is this from a forthcoming EP? An album? Did Inga produce this? [Update: yes.] Did Scratcha DVA? [Update: no.] Is Inga still part-owner of World Music? [Update: no.] Does Inga own this on DVD/Blu-ray?

Fuck if I know.

• Inga Copeland: http://www.youtube.com/user/copeland657

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