♫♪  Inga Copeland - Higher Powers [mixtape]

Oh Inga, Inga [pow] /
Your voice like ginger [pow] /
My index finger [pow] /
On SoundCloud lingers [pow POW *explosion*]

Inga Copeland, the inspiration behind my forthcoming tribute album excerpted above, has just now dropped a six-track mixtape onto SoundCloud called Higher Powers. The 20-minute collection is most likely a space-clearing exercise before the release of her debut solo album, as evidenced by the date (2012) and the tracks “Faith” and “B.M.W.” which have shown up on their own in the recent past — though I don’t recall the earsplitting tones in the background/foreground of “Faith.” Stream the whole thing below, or download the whole thing right here: :o)

• Inga Copeland: https://soundcloud.com/cplnd

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