♫♪  Inner Travels - “Ocean’s Edge”

The tranquil sounds of Steve Targo’s Inner Travels project gets better with each new release and, thanks to a prolific output, we’re treated to something new at a rapid clip. His latest album, Yonder, out now via Sounds of the Dawn, doesn’t stray from the bucolic electronics we’ve grown to appreciate, and it’s an unhurried, laid back winner for both Inner Travels and the impeccable Sounds of the Dawn. “Ocean’s Edge,” streaming below, delivers a sonic equivalent of the track title: gazing out on the vast ocean in front of you, taking it all in, focusing on the present moment. “Serenity now, serenity later,” as they say ;)

Do you like what you hear? Head to the Inner Travels’ Bandcamp and dig deeper into Yonder and the continued brilliance of S. Targo’s oeuvre.

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