♫♪  Innercity - “The Pyramids of Northeast Belgium”

Innercity can take it from here. As in: Draak Jagers is so omnipotent [he can take it from here]. This year, Innercity has spewed out releases on Not Not Fun, Beyt Al Tapes, Animal Image Search, SF Broadcast, Ikuisuus, and Ginjoha, and now a 7-inch on NNA Tapes? And all the releases have a collective theme (trance, ya dig), yet individually doing they’s own thing? Please. Here, “The Pyramids of Northeast Belgium” puts the listener at a distance between techno-beat-bop, maximalist artist, trustworthy (?) narrative, and submission, bringing it back and back and, etc. Now, it don’t make no sense, but unless you ain’t got w00pher speakers, that bass better be MAX’dd. I got a dude round Linwood area say he do you a Blaupunkt and two 12-inch for $125 flat. Install and all. He don’t include this year’s Innercity collection, but he know a few dudes who you could holla at: Discogs, Mimaroglu Music Sales, Experimedia, and Tomentosa.

• NNA Tapes: http://www.nnatapes.com
• Innercity: http://innercitydiscography.blogspot.com

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