♫♪  Innumerable Forms - “Punishment In Flesh”

Turn up the volume for this merciless death/doom hybrid. Vocals with the power to curdle blood awaken the dead, and like a reanimated corpse rising from the crypt, “Punishment in Flesh” emerges from a fetid swamp, ready to unleash chaos. A lethargic descending chord progression sets the pace for this reinvigorated carcass, while the all-consuming vocals echo throughout the peaty bog. The zombie’s slither of doom carries through the first half of the song until it smells human flesh, and then the death (metal) begins.

The crawl of the corpse becomes a canter, giving chase. In the vein of Hooded Menace and Grave Miasma, Innumerable Forms draw you in with the mammoth march of doom and then pummel you with classic death metal riffs. Hot on the trail of blood, the acceleration continues, and the flesh is almost within reach.

Cornered, a shriek of terror pierces the moonlit sky, as the cadaver, given new life, closes in. The octavated riff act as the diving rod for the taste it craves. And that taste is so sweet.

Innumerable Forms unleashed the album via Profound Lore:

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