Jeff Barsky is getting into a really bad [Editor note: ….or good? ;)] habit of putting stuff out under the INSECT FACTORY moniker with no information attached. Even getting a physical copy of his work might not yield much in the way of specifically who was involved, what was involved, when or why was involved. On Lights all we got was a little, “some tracks from 2013 - happy holidays…” message on Facebook. But hey, this is our job or something, right?

Here’s the information, from what I can gather: Jeff Barsky makes music in a crazy heavy-psych/noise band called The Plums and also blows my mind with his guitar, pedals and amp as INSECT FACTORY. He’s from the DC area and Lights seems to represent itself as an extras reel of disjointed tracks he produced during the 2013 calendar year. But the collection manages to shine just about as bright as anything I’ve heard from him before — densely layered loops, planes of static standing tall like a gigantic back-scratcher of audio, improvised melodies clamoring over drones like they’re peaks in a mountain range… It’s lovely, monolithic, moving, fluid and entirely lovely. And it costs whatever you want. Happy holidays indeed… this was the gift that’s just kept on giving. And now, dear readers, we re-gift it unto you. Got to (UH!UH!) pass it on!

• Insect Factory: http://www.insectfields.org/home.html

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