♫♪  Isuru Kumarasinghe - Untitled (Mixtape for Seismographic Sounds)

Originally curated and compiled for Norient’s globe-trotting exhibition titled ‘Seismographic Sounds: Visions of a New World,’ a newly uploaded mixtape of noisy misadventures highlights some of South/East Asia and Oceania’s most inquisitive forces in experimental music. With an ambitious goal of fostering diversity via digitalism, Norient’s collaboration with Sri Lanka’s premier experimentalist Isuru Kumarasinghe was a fitting choice; by avoiding tiresome tropes of what’s commonly viewed as the experimental east (glitchy Bollywood beats, or something of the sort), this new untitled mixtape is an indoorsy yet labyrinthine delight.

Right from the start of Kumarasinghe’s soothing exposition into the tape, the dichotomy between sensing sound and sensing nothing at all is revealed as a highly faint line drawn in the sand. The compilation flaunts it’s international eclecticism proudly; the viscous textures of the supergroup-composed “Mirror #4” stand in stark contrast to the palatial vibes of “2011,” but each transition works effortlessly. “Truly Sorry, Trudy,” by Borey Shin has an almost nostalgic, sunburnt atmosphere. With Reuban Derrick’s piece in the later half, we veer into near-field recording territory, but even the most organic of sound sources have a mysteriously data-corrupted personality. Listen to the whole mixtape here.

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