♫♪  Ivory Trade - “Broken White Pearls”

Ivory Trade in departure. Atlas is the “last and final” release from a project of melancholy textures issuing periodically out of Belgium since at least 2014. Like the project itself, the music on Atlas exists while receding, always in the process of ending, of evaporating off in the distance. Hollowed, crumpled, worn smooth — the sounds have all endured decay prior to our encountering them.

I glimpse shadows, mirages, residues, insect casings. Not things, but evidence of things that were, reduced now to fragile or immaterial states. Take the melodic drift of “Broken White Pearls” for example, eluding substance and resolution under filters of distance, as copies of copies. And this is the last tape Ivory Trade will do, before becoming something new or something else, so it too is the remnant of a thing that was.

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