♫♪  IZLA - “Live at BK Museum” [6/6/15]

This is DANCE MIX WATCH. I’m posting the best mixes coming in right now.

DMW #5 comes from Brooklyn based deejay IZLA, who takes us on a journey of queer global bass, and very quickly too. While Izla’s selecting skills definitely leave a mark (from Celia Cruz to Ynfynyt Scroll), it’s the quick, precise mixing that defines this set. Only four minutes into the set, IZLA is already on the fourth track, eventually fitting nineteen tracks into thirty minutes. But it never feels indecisive or piecemealy. Every bit of track leaves a mark. This would perhaps be not as much of a feat if IZLA was sticking to one genre, but she changes at the drop of a hat. The rhythms are always shifting but it’s always smooth! And while the focus is mostly on music with vocals, it’s the little instrumentals that are the true highlight- DJ Flash’s “Misa and Pinpon” only pops up for a second but feels so important in the whole scheme. And the fact that this was all recorded live further shows off Izla’s mixing- it’s clear she knows how to respond to the dancefloor.

• IZLA: https://soundcloud.com/djizla

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