♫♪  Jacaszek - “Dare-gale”

Technology and digital shit is always progressing. I saw a TED lecture two or three years ago about the rate in which technology doubles itself, and how this rate gets faster every day. What I enjoy in music today is how musicians preserve their work. Like, the way each audio track is recorded can be rendered from a wide variety of digital and physical equipment. What do the new DJ Rashad, Caretaker, Javelin, and Michał Jacaszek joints all got in common? They all taking from the old and making it new. Now, I don’t have a set definition for any word in particular, but old/new — in music, that is — shapes a somewhat solid meaning for “progressive.” And in “Dare-gale,” Jacaszek got into his old school baroque zone. Yeah-yeah, and his sparkling-ambiance, featuring electric static and softly spoken tickled bells make me question how many bitches he own. But getting no answer is straight with me. ‘Cause I don’t know shit. Unless it’s December 6, when Jacaszek’s new album Glimmer hits the internet via Ghostly International.

• Michał Jacaszek: http://www.jacaszek.com
• Ghostly International: http://www.ghostly.com

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