♫♪  Jack Splash - “38 Special” (feat. Cee-Lo)

“Jack Splash is one of a kind! In soul, style and sound….His creativity surpasses all boundaries and there’s no better representation than ‘Technology and Love’…” - ALICIA KEYS

“Love Jack Splash, man. His music needs its own genre.” - NAS

“Jack Splash is the next Prince!” - MISSY ELLIOT

“Jack Splash is the future of music” - R KELLY

“Just what I’ve been looking for, the new generation of funk! - MOS DEF

“Jack Splash is futuristic and cutting edge… he’s the future of the funk!” - T-PAIN

“Another piece of the movement a/k/a GOOD MUSIC! - CEE-LO GREEN

“Pushing buttons of electronic wonder while giving us the sweat and funk of humanity. There’s a beautiful techno funk combo happening within”. - CHEMICAL BROTHERS

King of The Beats Vol.1 mixtape album drops January 13. A full-length studio LP is due in May on J Records.

  • Jack Splash: http://www.myspace.com/jacksplash
  • J Records: http://www.jrecords.com
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