♫♪  Jako Maron - The electro Maloya experiments of Jako Maron

The newest release on Nyege Nyege Tapes by Jako Maron titled The electro Maloya experiments of Jako Maron could totally be something you hear from the Hospital Productions camp. Dark, industrialist, waved-out techno, tinged with house tingles, carried throughout by harmonized-woven rhythms, noises pinged in slathered with ulterior consciousness, etc. Definitely continuing their line of experimental dance and bent synthetics, avant to the floor, but flames when in action. Left field mentalities being explored, only you’re not sure if it’s the artist exploring their mentality, you exploring the artist, or the artist exploring yours. Jako Maron is the puppet master mind. Forever the medicine is on Nyege Nyege Tapes:

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