♫♪  James Ferraro - Fanfare For The Boston Marathon 2017

Sounds like James Ferraro is getting sucked up into all the modern-classical influence of his current tour mate (and half of Skaters), Typhonian Highlife, with a bit of Fanfare For The Boston Marathon 2017. Staring Donnie Wahlberg, James is mistakenly emailed the new route for the 2017 Marathon and is met at a crossroads with lots and lots of American flag manufacturers. Now, the famous underground musician is tasked with deciding on who should be the provider of this year’s American flag distribution. Using exploratory algorithms and in-depth marketing logistics from Harvard and MIT, Donnie and James crack the situation, gets funds from Pepsi and Disney, and puts on the best Boston Marathon flag show the city has ever witnessed. Waving a flag faired with the magic of Fanfare For The Boston Marathon 2017 is freedom:

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