James Ferraro
Human Story 3

Man, on top of Rerex dropping hard and Human Story 3 pimping “limited edition” 200 cassettes (which haven’t sold out so GET THERE), I got a new job. I’m actually spending my time writing about Rraro than sending in my resignation letter too. Just because it’s Wednesday and Human Story 3 is fucking pleasant as fuck, “weary brothers [and sisters].”

jDave claiming, “New Rarro is p much Far Side Virtual 2” with the additional note: “I say that and (1) it still sounds beautiful and (2) it shows how even post vaporwave explosion how different this stuff sounded from what it influenced, sorta like the difference between Loveless and every other shoegaze album.” And I love that idea.

Personally, I feel this too, although in the past, if people focus on Rraro outside his works, and more on social media, who he’s chilling with at the time, etc… y’all can read his influence. That is to say, I’m not sure where Spencer Clark exists these days (Belgium? Australia? California? Pacificity?), but it sounds like he’s providing a heavier influence in Human Story 3’s composition (think of making Pinhead in Fantasia on an iMac). I fuck with all this, though, whether or not they’re skating again.

Then I see SCVSCV last night and he grips guts and is like “Aye, you see I reserved the Human Story 3 review?” So I give him that *smiling* -mock half-eyed glare, to which he follows up with say, “Just starting a fire.” (Only he said that last bit early about something else, but I’m wise to his sailor’s tricks).

Gear up. Upon the horizon rests the weekend. Human Story 3 is all of us. James Ferraro just might be Dr. Frankenstein. Or whoever is continuing to invent fake humans. Enjoy. Good morning:

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