♫♪  James Ferraro - “IAsia 2 RAVER”

I saw Best Coast play on David Letterman the other day, and wow, they sounded like any other live rock ‘n’ roll band, with booming drums and muddled, metallic guitar. Compare that to the slightly jangly, echoing, borderline lo-fi album track. My point? A record’s sound these days is particularly important (sometimes all that matters), so it’s interesting to see what kind of actual tunes/compositions people are throwing through the sonic mud.

With that in mind, check out this 30 minute track posted on James Ferraro’s Soundcloud. It’s one of the more washed out slices of sun-soaked VHS-pop I’ve heard since, I guess Ferarro’s last album? The actual source of the music is completely eschewed. Is it played live, then put through a million filters, transferred from the computer to cassette and back again? Is it all sampled from lost 80s cassettes? Nostalgia culture being appropriated twice over to highlight the unreliable nature of our personal and societal memories? Or does it just suck ass.

• Jim Ferraro: http://soundcloud.com/digital_skin

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