♫♪  James Ferraro - SPEED

fuckin euine mcgreggor’s rgans

o ,from the island inside the she

—ll of bruce willice on a metor heading

straight for pearly harbor

where ninja tutlrs and the transforminators

ar e

having a s

ufrf off

sumting like trU mAn shOWz’n, four 1 second’d

solike-then wIll smith &martin from martin come buddi-copping

,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,2wo arrest those turtle


wh!l3 nic cage on his knnees sliding in and breaking

lil green orbs

with a needle prodruding from man’s chest and he

tosses another antecdote needle to the ,,..,.,, ,bad boys

who grab it together, instantaneously,,

to thw onw who multiplex our servers tonight
to him
to night

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