♫♪  Jap Kasai - “Daff’n’da”

Jap Kasai’s got some tunes comin’ up on Squiggle Dot, this song “Daff’n’da” being one of them. He’s already pushing music to far-out pleasure-realms with his own imprint, hoge tapes. And now, combining forces with the futurisms of Squiggle Dot, a trans-oceanic connection has commenced.

(Seriously tho. Click that link above and listen. Does it sound like video-game music meets Krautrock? Perhaps spoken word blended with MIDI presets? Or baking a cake with a 1:1 ratio of each?)

You remember when your little cousin hopped on your drumkit with you and you both played it at the same time? Rhythmically it’s like Kasai’s got the Seven Dwarfs stompin’ on his synth with him, including that cousin. This jungle-gym aesthetic recalls the chaos of childhood and the desire to still need it when perceiving the world. Meaning the embracing of extreme shifts in ego, daily. The defense of play instead of work. And the experimentation of different identities in a short-term way before you embody them whole-heartedly as something authentic.

There are no social cues to this. Only a resistance to closure, twisting into a huge grin:

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