♫♪  JAW GEMS - “Young Pulp”

I’m late on this one, but whatever, ‘cause this new JAW GEMS DEMANDS to be heard. I don’t care if you’re having a baby, about to light off a grip of bottle rockets, or just selling your clothes to help pay for your pet frog’s daily diet of crickets — stop what you’re doing and turn “Young Pulp” up in your headphones. This jam’s gonna make everything alright. Crisp synth lines pile atop boom-bap drums and a tasty bassline, each part mixing equally to create the right concoction of confidence to help you accomplish just about anything. You can go ahead and finish delivering that baby now.

Their new full length, Blades Plural, jumps around from the above G-Funk keyboard honey, to robot space jaunts, to pensive organ and guitar numbers, to champagne drenched jazz, and it ALL flows. In the same realm as their homies ALTERED GEE, these dudes know what the funk is up. Grab the whole thing digitally for eight bucks, or be a cheap ass like me and keep streaming it again and again ‘til payday.

• JAW GEMS: http://jawgems.com

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