♫♪  Jaw Jam - “Mr. Me Too” Remix (Originally Clipse and Pharell Williams)

Like Pharrell, Pusher-T, and Malice, I hail proudly from the great state of Virginia. In fact, Mr. Williams himself attended my old high school, Princess Anne, a mere decade before I; glorious, charming suburban legend has it that he played bass drum in the school marching band (I’m fairly certain this particular legend is true). Friends claim to have seen his Limo-Hummer entourage pull up to the Cold Stone at Pembroke’s Town Centre, and my best friend’s older brother played basketball with The Neptune’s Chad Hugo in Virginia Beach’s local basketball league. Area code 757, represent.

And, oh, Clipse. Hell Hath No Fury, full disclosure, the Virginian treasure that it is, was the album that plunged me and my post-punk friends into hip-hop.

So what about Jaw Jam? He took a great song and made it new. On the molasses days of the South, sometimes the beat needs to slow down a few BPMs — or 50. So what’s all this talk about me and my Virginia? Guess I’m just another Mr. Me Too.

Jam Jaw’s remix track is available for download from Live For The Funk.

• Jaw Jam: http://soundcloud.com/jaw-jam
• LFTF: http://www.liveforthefunk.com

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