♫♪  Jay Rosen - LOST TAPE

Something of a clouded memory distorted by visual pop culture, in a video store, waiting to check out the return bin for the newest SNES game that’s not really there, so Todd and I beat Joe and Mac that night, eventually having to read nonsense for school the next day, but catching up is always, was always, and continues to remain good in the name of good, for goodness sake’s. End on a verb, Jay Rosen’s very-most LOST TAPE perpetuates the heart. I’m with you here right now on the left by my man red. Shouts-out piddlin’ b. The Pippin’ G. Outstand ya crooked jaw T-line of that hair line and wave: the tides out on the ocean shore #crabs. Wash the stink. It’s a walk away from the bar near the clink, Michael Scott vibes:

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