♫♪  Jeans Wilder - “Gravity Bong”

There’s some real history behind “Gravity Bong.” I mean it. I’m pretty sure that’s the Phil Spector boom-boom-boom-chic. You know, before that wall of sound comes in. You can tell by the tambourine. Then that guitar comes stumbling in and, for a minute, I’m thinking of “Just Like Honey.” But it’s too clean, and it jangles like that Ducktails sun-pop or maybe the psychedelia of Rangers. And that coughing noise like a Wu-Tang interlude. Jeans Wilder? The guy who played Willy Wonka? Well, that explains almost everything but the coughing. Oh right, the whole “Gravity Bong” thing. Got it.

Totally listen for it all below, and buy the album Totally from Everloving Records. I mean, come on, it has a dinosaur on the cover. So cool.

• Jeans Wilder: http://jeanswilder.bandcamp.com
• Everloving Records: http://www.everloving.com

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