Jenny Hval
“Mephisto In The Water”

Anyone else feeling the weight of this weekend, crying and nodding at work because “Mephisto In The Water” reminds you of swimming with my little brother outside in a lake while he was younger? Why you thinking of my brother as a kid anyway? It’s because the beauty in Jenny Hval’s voice not only conveys this direct memory, but her vocal waves actually embed a mental image in every listener of my brother Speedo-bikini-swimming in Cedar Lake, IN. There he learned how to flip and panic every time his foot touched ANYTHING.

My coworkers are staring now ‘cause I can’t cry calmly, and “Mephisto In The Water” continues its beauty in my mind. Ok-ok, so it’s not really about my brother, but I just can’t shake the image of that… and maybe Terrence Malick filming it? Underwater/Thin Red Line intro style. Anyhow, Norway’s own Jenny Hval follows up her tender 2011 Viscera LP with Innocence Is Kinky, out now on Rune Grammofon in LP/CD/MP3 formats. FYI, NOK = Norwegian Krone… help is here.

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