♫♪  Jintana & Emeralds - “Moon”

After the bombastic glitter-bursts of their breakthrough 2012 single, Jintana & Emeralds are back with a rhythmically sparser but no less dreamy trip to the “Moon” with all its spicy magic. Nostalgia is ever a sicky-sweet affair, so it stands to reason that these fresh-faced Japanese neo-doowoppers — Jintana Emeralds (steel guitar, Pan Pacific Playa), Kashif Emeralds (guitar), Crystal (track maker), and singers Toi Emeralds, Chao Emeralds, and Mami Emeralds — infuse their sound with a feverish sort of drift. Sure these are some chill sounds, but I’ll be damned if I don’t feel a little drunk on them. The image of someone gracefully evaporating into a chaise lounge comes to mind, as does the blessed simplicity of David Lynch’s shared affinity for all things nifty. Once one gets over the garish quality of the pose, this song overflows with a beautifully disorienting sort of charm. Much like their patchwork Takashi Aoki-designed outfits, Jintana & Emeralds are as curious as they are sleek and seductive.

In all its gently-bent splendor, “Moon” is a pretty cool place to dip one’s toes — and it’s yet another reason to be excited for their full-length debut, Destiny, out this week on P-Vine. The future is always a dream, and the past (not necessarily our own) is filled with moments we’d like to turn around in our hands and savor like an ice-cold, tapered little bottle of pop: cold light of day flit through as it may. Lucky for us boundless, insatiable music lovers, Jintana & Emeralds are here to set things spinning.

• Jintana & Emeralds: http://www.p-vine.jp/special/jintana-emeralds
• P-VINE: http://p-vine.jp
• Pan Pacific Playa: http://panpacificplaya.jp/blog

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